Live Entertainment

Think showbiz! University Program Council’s Live Entertainment Team is responsible for bringing entertainment like DJs, musical artists, comedians, and other live performances to campus. 


Think communications, promotions, and marketing! University Program Council’s Communications Team is responsible for developing unique advertising on all types of medium for various media (public relations, press releases, social media, guerilla tactics, etc.) to promote University Program Council, UPC events/ programs, and the overall wellbeing of the university. 

University Events

Think legacy and tradition! University Program Council’s University Events Team is responsible for putting a new spin and their own personal touch on events that occur annually: Homecoming, Parents Weekend, Dads Weekend, Sibs Weekend, and Moms Weekend. Although some events for each weekend are more traditional (e.g. Moms Weekend, “Moms Walk for the Cure”), others allow for an abundance of creative freedom (Dads Weekend and Sibs Weekend)

M​emories you can count on.​

Creative Events

Think outside of the box! University Program Council’s Creative Events Team is responsible for developing new, exciting events and programs in which the university community can partake. These teams strive to provide creative, original, and unconventional events. 

About University Program Council

University Program Council, also known as UPC, is a volunteer organization of students who work to bring innovative programs to Ohio University and the surrounding community. UPC’s primary goal is to provide fun, exciting, engaging, and entertaining events for all to enjoy.